Wednesday, August 26, 2009

seven years ago

It does not seem possible but seven years ago today I was waiting to have my left kidney removed for renal cell cancer stage one. Surgery was at 1500/3 pm in the afternoon. Very long day. Took about 3 hrs. They were going to it by laproscope and I could be home in three days. Never worked out that way. Had to do an open procedure for various reasons and I was there for a 5 days but of course.
Here it is seven years later. Time does fly. So much has occured in that time. I am however, cancer free from the renal cell. So for that I am thankful and blessed.

Today marks the death of Senator Ted Kennedy from brain cancer. May he rest in peace and now join his brothers and other family members who have gone on before him. Rest in peace Mr. Senator.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

A year later

Does not seem possible but on July 30 of 2008,I got all my hair cut off and got my first chemo treatment. Since then I have had four chemo treatment and 37 radiation treatments and three surgeries. One was lumpectomy with sentinel nodes. Another was to put in a Hickman for IV access. That worked one time then was removed. Finally was the aneurysm surgery.
During this year a daughter of dear friends of Joan and I was added back to her original family. It was and still is great to be able to follow the progress of all of this. Also, to keep in touch with old friends.
I have returned to work and find I can still do my job. When I get really tired I sometimes forget words. The other day I saw two Burmese Mountain dogs mixed with Great Dane and I could not remember for a few minutes Burmese. It is like a senior moment lol.
It is amazing what can happen in a year. I am very blessed to have the family that I have; the job that I am in; and the friends that are near and far. So now we head into another year. May it be safer than the past one but have as many good surprises as the last one.
Remaining on the mountain. Thank you all for being who you are. Jean/ladyjosh

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Another week has passed and I survived working. Some days I find things very easy and others not so easy. By the end of the week I am tired and have to pull at my memory to hold on to things. (lots of list-now where did I put them).
My eye is slowly improving but the other day I forgot and was using it to look at one of my co-workers and got dizzy. Then I realized I was using the wrong eye. DaHa go brain.
I really wanted to write this week to say good-bye to five people. Farrah Fawcett, Ed McMahon, Billy Mayes, Michael Jackson and Gail Storm. Billy Mayes was a pitch man on TV and I did purchase oxyclean because of one of his infomercials.
Ed McMahon I did not watch on Johnny Carson because when one get up at 0445 his show was on to late. However, I do watch the Jerry Lewis Telethon every year and he will be truly missed as the side kick to Jerry Lewis.
Farrah Fawcett was not my favorite angel but I loved the show and watched it with everyone else. She was a real beauty. loved her hair. She also fought a valient fight.
Michael Jackson who grew up while I was growing up. He had some great songs and could he ever dance but he had a sad life. Others will write history to his true effect on music in the time he was there. I will just remember the young kid with his brothers singing and the moon walk. I will also be able to look back on things I was doing and where I was when his songs come on the radio. He must answer to someone other than me about his lifestyle. It is just sad that all five passed away in same time frame. Four in same week.
Gail Storm was an actress back in the 50's and 60's. She played in My Little Margie and the Gail Storm Show. I really looked forward when I was a youngster to watching her on TV. She died today at the age of 86 in a nursing home.
It does make me thankful for what I have in life and who I have as friends and family and counselors. Thanks to all my friends and family for guiding me in my life. Till next time from the high ground Jean/ladyjosh

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Back to work

Well this week I went back to work full time which for me is 4 nine hour days. It was interesting. I am not yet quick on the draw with my memory at times. Most of us would say a senior moment, only I have to put a little effort into it. I have about 6-8 different codes to access my different programs on my computer at work. Now that was fun to figure out. The nurse I work with had my office all decorated up with fliers and a dogwood tree to take home and plant. Also, she gave me a book on Chicken soup for pet lovers and little notes over the office welcoming back. However, by end of our first day I am sure she was glad when I went home and stopped saying Lynda what does this code mean on my desk, and what are the................ It was really funny.
First day was very taxing but it did improve from there. I now can access all of my programs. I know who everyone was lol and I got lots of warm welcoming back hugs and pats on the back.
It is nice to have structure back in my day and to actually remember the date and the day. However retirement would be nice lol. It is now time to enjoy the summer at the pool. Enjoy the grandchildren. Show my sister how grateful I am for all she has done and try a pick up some of the stuff I have been slacking off of. I am back on the high ground and plan on staying here for a long while. Take care everyone and thank you all.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

visit to neurosurgeon

This cake is really for my cousins and neighbor. I have family members that graduated from University of Va architecture school, graduated from high school and a neighbor whose daughter graduated from High Point College in NC. So this cake was for them at our family reunion. It is also for me for getting thru this past the last 12 months.
I went and saw the neurosurgeon yesterday the 27 of May. He felt I was doing wonderful. He thinks the eyesight will return to close to normal by 4-6 months since the optic nerve was not damaged. I am free for 2 years when I have to have another angiogram to see if any other aneurysms have formed. He said I could go back to work and was amazed I did so well. He originally thought I would be out 3-4 months.

I return to work June 2 yeah yeah. Will try full time and if my eye causes any problems then I will cut to part-time for a few weeks. Got my new glasses yesterday so that has been helpful. Like all new things there is a breaking in period so hopefully by the time I start work they should be perfect.

All of this started when I started to have dental implants done on some teeth; so hopefully by October I can finish phase 2 of that procedure especially since it is all paid for.

I want to once again thank you all for lifting me up in prayer and being there whenever I needed someone to listen. I plan in keeping the blog updated to eyesight and anything else but it will be every few weeks or so.

I must say to the Kernal that the polar bears and other animals were great to me when I fell off the high ground but even they say it is time to head back up to where you and Kirk and others are. So here I come again. Thank you all for being out there the ones I know and the ones I do not know. To the high ground. Jean