Wednesday, August 26, 2009

seven years ago

It does not seem possible but seven years ago today I was waiting to have my left kidney removed for renal cell cancer stage one. Surgery was at 1500/3 pm in the afternoon. Very long day. Took about 3 hrs. They were going to it by laproscope and I could be home in three days. Never worked out that way. Had to do an open procedure for various reasons and I was there for a 5 days but of course.
Here it is seven years later. Time does fly. So much has occured in that time. I am however, cancer free from the renal cell. So for that I am thankful and blessed.

Today marks the death of Senator Ted Kennedy from brain cancer. May he rest in peace and now join his brothers and other family members who have gone on before him. Rest in peace Mr. Senator.


The Queen Vee said...

We all know that none of us will get out of this life alive. If asked, I'm sure we would all say we would like to live a long life and then die in our sleep before dementia sets in. Unfortunately many of us will die after a valiant fight against cancer.

It is heartening to know though, that many fighting cancer will win the battle. I'm grateful that so far you are one of those Jedi fighters who is on the winning side.

The war on cancer will continue so it behooves us all to support and celebrate those who continue to fight and to cheer them on as they climb towards the high ground.

Jean, I celebrate you today on seven years of remission from kidney cancer.

joan said...

Cheers for Sis, renal cell cancer free for 7 years. May we have many many more years to play together.

Kernal Ken said...

Congrats, Jean. Seven years make you a survivor + 2 of renal cancer.

But now you get to join me for the next 5 year journey into survivorship.

As we have just learned again with Kirk, remission is a fickle word.

We pray for all who have this awful disease.